Anyone on here skydive? Working through AFF but having some issues with 360 turns. Can’t work out where my issue is. It would be helpful to know if anyone has been through same/similar process and if so did you have any issues? 




skydiving search

by Selwyn - 2019-07-17 06:20:17

We have had sky divers post previously, if you use the search facility and then send them a private message you may find it is a quicker response than waitiing for common ground to come to you- better for you to go to the ground!


by DJ ladell - 2019-08-01 10:10:29

Im a skydiver, i have been skydiving for 15yrs .Ive just had the PM fitted a week ago , was wondering if there were any other skydivers with PM. How long should i wait till i get back up in the sky and if it is safe to skydive with a pacemaker. 



by DJ ladell - 2019-10-20 08:13:22

I had my PM 3 months . I ve done some trail runs which have been fine. I got back in the air yesterday & and had my first skydive in 3.5months. I used some motorcycle Jacket insert padding & sewed them into a T Shirt  so i had padding over the PM. But found the Parachute harness does not really affect it anyway. I do  have a few thousand Skydives so it does make a difference. 

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