pacemaker percenttage

hi my heart surrgeon informs me my pacemaker percentage

 has dropped from 95 to 69 hence my shortness of breath again had it fitted 3 years ago and i has been great  what can I do to improve this? he has upped digoxin to 125mg can anyone help plz?




by Swangirl - 2019-07-22 13:38:38

I'm not familiar with the term "pacemaker percentage".  Could you explain what that refers to?

That does not compute

by Gotrhythm - 2019-07-22 17:02:14

Do you mean the percentage you are being paced has gone from 95% to 69%?

Does the doctor say why it has dropped?


by lesley22 - 2019-07-25 08:13:09

hi both thankyou or your comments I do not know whaat the drop means sorry that's why am asking


he just said biventricular percentage had dropped  ideally need to be over  95and has ben til now 

have a diagnostic device near myb ed which will alert them if need be  just dont know why it has fallen


thhank you both

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