Auto lead testing

I have an ICD and have had 15+ shocks, and am nearly 100% paced.  During check ups when they test my leads, i am very sensitive and feel as though i am about to pass out or get a shock (because during the test, they turn off my pacing and i can feel loss of blood in my head quite quickly).

For years i would randomly feel as though i was about to get a shock, but wouldnt and nothing would show up as an episode on my interogations at the time i documented the event.  

Recently, a tech at Mayo Clinic Rochester - discovered/suspected that my symptoms were due to the ICD auto lead testing that occurs, since my symptoms were the same as when she tested my leads in the clinic, and so she turned off auto testing.  And problem solved!  Quality of life went up significantly!  I suffered with that issue for so many years, bless this woman who listened to me and put together the puzzle!




Testing leads

by AgentX86 - 2019-07-24 08:21:13

What you're probably feeling during the interrogation is the dependency test, where the tech runs your pacing rate down to 30bpm to see if the sinus node or an ectopic takes over at a higher rate. Yes, it's quite uncomfortable but the tech should warn you that it's coming.

As far as feeling the self test, well, some do. It's common enough that the tech should have suspected it when you first complained of the issue. If they're not taking you seriously,  it's probably one of two things. Either you're shotgunning symptoms, and are being treated as a hypochondriac, or your medical team doesn't care and needs to be replaced. Of course,  both could be true.


Daily recalibration issue with me....

by BOBTHOM - 2019-07-25 22:04:28

I had a similar experience with the nightly recalibration that my ICD performs.  After I documented the specific times, repeatedly discussed with the EP and his team, repeatedly told nothing shows up, can't be the device.  Finally called Medtronic, their response, "we hear that all the time, it's the nightly recalibration. There is a setting your EP can turn that off."  Still the EP didn't beleive me, well, until after they called and confirmed it with Medtronic.  2 days later, setting turned off, strange poking sensation at 12:30am was gone along with a random weekly issue as well.  We need to learn as much as we can and be our own advocate!  Dr's are overworked and overwhelmed both by number of patients as well as number of different devices and procedures.  They are also constrained by the almighty guidelines as publlished on

Testing Leads

by Chowchowma - 2019-07-28 02:17:07

The same happened to me at my post ablation check up. They should tell you that you may feel funny. It's somewhat disturbing.

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