Leads off?

Hi everyone!

Its been 5 months since I’ve had my pacemaker placed in. These past two days I’ve had dizzy spells (no fainting, thankfully) and feel as if my heart is fluttering more. I’ve never felt this before since having my pacemaker placed in my chest. I’m wondering if this could be a lead that’s maybe moved? Has anyone else experienced this? I plan on calling tomorrow to my doctors office but wanted to get yalls opinion too. 


not likely

by Tracey_E - 2019-07-29 10:02:48

If the leads make it past the first 24-48 hours, odds of one moving drop significantly. After 4-6 weeks, virtually unheard of. After  a year, they are in so tight it takes a special laser to get them out. For sure check with your doctor, but so many things can make us dizzy. They can do an interrogation and see if anything is off. Do you have a home monitor? If so, send a download and let them know to watch for it. 

Leads pulled out

by LabRat - 2019-08-01 11:39:47

I had a Lead pulled out with in 30 days. it was just sitting above my heart, not really touching. when this happens and it goes off. it's bad pain, possibly falling a lot, pissing your slef, You'll know, you wont call the Doctor you go to the ER. They may look at you funny, cause there is nothing wrong till it paces and then there is something wrong.

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