Doing Yard Work

Got the pacemaker two weeks ago.  After a few days started feeling human again.  I need to do morning chores for 2-3 hours.  They generally are yard and garden duties in the summer.  Went out two days ago and did general garding, pulling weeds, etc.  My wife, the retired ICU nurse, hovered pretty close.  She was there helping me with every chore.  We talked about my keeping my left arm from going out straight or over my head.  I concentrated on keeping my arm lowered while doing my chores.  But, every once in awhile I caught myself reaching up or out to grab something.  She suggested I wear the sling while doing my chores, thus immobizing the arm completely.  I was concerned about my "productivity" with an arm trapped to my chest.  We came about with a compromize.  I would use a strap to hold my left bicep to my side.  I found an old belt to strap my bicep to my side.  My wife had to strap it on, too awkward for me.  Went out and did my chores for about 3 hours.  Put up some rabbit fense in the garden.  Have a woodchuck eating the squash.  Also, cleaned bird seed feeding area, hand trimmed brush around garden, and a couple smaller stuff.  The belt held my left tricep down to my side and I still got to use my left forearm and hand.  I could actually do most of my garden chores.  Felt good to go out and spend time in the garden being productive.  


Right Idea

by CatDad - 2019-07-29 13:14:42

I think you're proceeding pretty wisely. I got my PM in May and then had a lead revision one week later. But that was for was a ventricle lead that had most likely bounced off scar tissue from a previous CABG and not arm movement related.

They gave me a lightweight arm sling that I used for two weeks after the revision and a heftier velcro strap device for sleeping. Three or four times I still awoke with my left arm over my head and went *gasp* "I've blown it now!"

But no, nothing bad happened. You've got to reengage with your usual chores at some point and I think you're going about it with due caution.

Definitely watch the lifting, though. Don't lift much over 20 lbs for the next couple of weeks or even if you don't affect the leads you're still going to feel it around the pocket area.

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