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Hey everyone! So lately I've been wondering a lot about possible implant locations. Right now mine is under my left pectoral muscle and I wanted to know about other possible locations. Honestly the location isn't much of a problem except for a few things:
1. I'm a very small girl (5'1 and 105 lb) so it's pretty noticeable. This isn't much of a problem honestly, I've gotten used to it, but it must be nice not having to explain to people what the bulge on my chest is when I'm wearing certain outfits.
2. Sometimes when I'm hugged really tightly, especially by someone much taller (which is almost always) I'll feel my muscle contract right were the PM is so it'll hurt for a few minutes until it's able to relax.
3. Whenever I'm driving a car the seatbelt will fall directly over my PM, causing a little irritation on the skin. I've already bought a seatbelt pad for my car but sometimes I'll be driving my parents cars or friends cars and it'll be a little uncomfortable or slightly painful even.

At the moment I can't really think of more reasons why I'd like to have it relocated but there definitely are some more. And I know these aren't extreme reasons or anything like that, but I'd still like to know about other options and see if they are more benefitial for me.

Anyway, I'd like to know if anyone here has their PM implanted somewhere like their abdomen or their side and if you feel any issues or complications with that location and what would you recomend about it. Is it visible? Does it hurt under certain circumstances? Anything you can tell me about it would be great.
Thank you!



by ROBO Pop - 2019-08-03 19:17:09

Well they can stick the device in your arm pit or abdomen. They usually implant in the abdomen on small children and your size should work with that.

Frankly I can see issues no matter where they stick it. The put mine in my derriere and everytime I pass wind I get shocked. What a pain in the ...


by Tracey_E - 2019-08-04 11:15:50

Mine is supectoral now. When I got my first, I was a whole lot younger and a whole lot smaller so they put it submammary. I loved it- never felt it, could do whatever I wanted and it never got in my way, no lump. However, it was deep and scar tissue built up around it and drove my second surgeon nuts (first one who put it there retired. I'm on #5, btw) because he had trouble getting it out when he replaced it He left it there the first time, next replacement he discussed moving it with me and I said no way, leave it there. He moved it anyway. The new placement is better than the usual just under the collarbone but it's nowhere near as comfortable and inconspicuous as it was under the breast.

My original placement was done by a plastic surgeon. This was before anyone was doing alternative placements. My ep wanted to make it look nice but he'd never done it before so he brought in help. Now it's much more common but I still think a plastic surgeon is a good idea. That's what plastic surgeons do- make things look and feel good. Might be worth a consult. I expected to have to pay the plastic surgeon out of pocket but insurance covered it. When I got #4, the plastic surgeon assisted again, this time to clean up the pocket, also covered by insurance.

I know two people with abdominal placement and they are both very happy with it. They both did it because they didn't have a choice- one had infection on both sides, one developed a problem with veins and has epicardial leads now. I also know one who has it closer to her armpit, she hates it. And someone else who had it to the side and it drifted to her armpit, she also complains about it. 

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