I have a 2 lead pacemaker from Medtronic I’ve had a pm for slow heart rate...they have fixed it a few times...but not sure if the settings are still right.....any ways I been ok with it when I go on walks but...when I some times have sex it acts up....I’ll be ok for weeks or months....then out of the blue if I’m having heart starts to race really will slow down for a bit then I can feel being paced....idk if any one has had this issue....go from 85 to 120 with skip beats...then if I try to push threw it ....I can feel being paced to fast then it says high for a few hours ...they have told me that I could be having  tachycardia so they put me on pills....but I haven’t took them because this only happens once in a while....and I’m still trying to see if it can be my setting I said I’ll being having sex ...then I notice my heart is being to fast...then starts to slow down a little or skips then goes back to racing ....but if I keep pushing it...I can tell my pacemaker takes over cuz i can feel it racing fast like it’s not my own heart beat....when I was first  diagnosed with pm they said I had  Brachycardia -tachycardia  so now that my slow slow heart is fixed dose that mean now it beats to fast? That what it seems like I traded a slow heart for a fast now so annoying 



by AgentX86 - 2019-08-02 21:40:30

If your heart is beating too fast, it's not because of your pacemaker. A pacemaker can only make a heart go faster. It cannot make it slow down. That's why your doctor gave you the drugs.  This is common and you're playing Russian roulette by ignoring your doctor's instructions.


by ROBO Pop - 2019-08-03 19:12:41

They told you that you suffer Brady Tachy, take the damn pills and be thankful they didn't tell you to give up sex. Brady Tachy means your heart has swings from too slow (Bradycardia) to too fast (Tachycardia). Pacemakers ain't gonna fix it

Don't blame pacemaker for tachycardia

by Gotrhythm - 2019-08-05 16:03:41

You were diagnosed with a heart condition called bradycardia-tackycardia, sometimes called Brady Tachy. That means sometimes your heart beats too slow--that's the bradycardia or brady for short.

Sometimes your heart beats too fast. That's tachycardia or tachy for short.

Both too fast and too slow are things your heart does on its own.

The pacemaker is for the brady. The pacemaker speeds your heart up when it's too slow. But it only speeds up to "normal" for the amount of exercise you're doing. It's normal for your heart rate to speed up during sex.

The pacemaker doesn't know if you're having sex or not. It speeds up because of the exercise.

The pacemaker cannot make your heart slow down.

So if you have a brady-tachy and you get a pacemaker, what you wind up with is a mostly normal heart rate that speeds up and slows down when it should---But sometimes your heart speeds up when it shouldn't--that's tachycardia.

If the tachy is a problem, the pacemaker isn't causing it and the pacemaker won't help it. Only medicine will help.

By the way...

by Gotrhythm - 2019-08-06 15:17:10

A heart rate of 85-120 is normal if you are doing something other than sitting still or slow walking. Even walking upstairs will push your heart rate to 90. To be able to run you need a heartrate of 120 or greater.



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