Pacemaker and Prostate Cancer

I just received a pacemaker last week.  I will be starting radiation treatment for prostate cancer in the next 10 days.  Is it safe to get radiation treatments for prostate cancer when you have a pacemaker?  Thanks very much!


Prostate cANCER rADTHERAPY & pm'S

by donr - 2019-08-05 17:04:00

Yes - as long as it is IMRT (Imtensity Modulated Rad Therapy) or one of its successors in history.   I had my PM implante4d in Feb 2003.  Diagnosed w/ PC in Oct of that yr, did IMRT in Jan-Apr 2004.  The focused type therapies are quite accurate & have very little radiation stray out of the target area.  That was the first question I asaked my oncologist. He said the beam was constrained such that it had negligiblr radiation a quarter of an inch outside its target.  It is better than that today, some 15 yrs later.  Your Pm is some 2 ft away, so it is safe.  Must be - I'm still here & feel fine.  On my second PM - due for another one in a year or so.


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