Back spasms

Have pm 2 days and have spasms while in certain positions in bed or in a chair. They go away when I change positions. Feel like someone inside poking me. Should I inform my physician immediately or at my two week checkup?


Had the same problem

by Theknotguy - 2019-08-09 16:24:15

I had the same problem.  Spasms were in the upper neck on the left hand side, the same side as the pacemaker.  Also had pain going up into the left jaw.  

Turns out there are a lot of nerves in the area where they run the pacemaker leads into the vein under the clavicle.  That area gets irritated at first.  If you watch a video on them implanting a pacemaker you'll wonder why you don't hurt more.  So with the irritation you can have pain going up the neck into the jaw and muscle spasms. 

I used Tylenol, hot compresses and cold compresses.  That seemed to help.  You can also mention it to the doctor at your check up and see if he has any suggestions.  Some do, some don't.  Because I had a lot of trauma before I got my pacemaker - CPR and broken ribs, I ended up going to a licensed massage therapist.  She helped quite a lot.  

Point being if you want to go the massage therapy way that you get a licensed therapist who has been trained.  Also have a discussion with your therapist before they start treatment so they don't bother the pacemaker site.  Mine was willing to go back and get some extra information before starting the therapy so I haven't had any problems as far as the therapy goes.  In fact she helped quite a lot and I got rid of the spasms.

Hope this helps. 

Tied up in knots

by Gotrhythm - 2019-08-09 17:31:15

After getting a pacemaker, there aren't many likely emergencies--i.e. reasons you should contact your doctor immediately. And those that do arise are pretty clear cut. 

If it is a spasm, it isn't an emergency, and there is little the doctor can or will do. 

Being prone to back spasms myself, I've tried a lot of things. First of all I take Tylenol, or equivalent. Then I have found that an ice pack, directly on the spot, is more helpful than heat in getting the muscle to relax, although those chemical heat patches applied directly to the skin over the spot can be very effective.

Worth a try.

Back Spasms

by Chowchowma - 2019-08-10 15:31:03

I've had my device about 4 months. The various pains, spasms, etc. have lessened. I still have numb spots in my arm on the same side as the device. Tylenol worked. As long as you don't have heat and/swelling around the surgical area you're good. 

I also have a home monitor that sends report to the Dr. I can also do random readings if I feel unsure.

Be careful with your arm position and as much as possible, relax.

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