Decorative Plasma Lights

My husband has a collection of decorative lamps which includes plasma globes and discs. Last night, the first time we've entertained friends since my pacemaker was implanted, he had all the lights turned on. At the end of the evening I was helping him turn them all off and noticed my pacemaker feeling quite warm. Fortunately I made the mental connection associating this with the plasma lights before I touched one of them. I did some searching and found information to support my assumption but could not find anything in this forum concerning the subject. I hope this contibution will appear if somebody else searches about this here. 

The Lowdown:
Plasma globes and plasma discs, which stem from early Tesla technology, are devices that use high voltage to create ionised light discharges. They emit an electric field that exceeds the recommended reference levels for the general public at distances less than 4 feet. And when your hand actually comes into contact with these lamps, that are intended to be touch interactive, the current is two times higher than recommended. I couldn't find data specifically regarding pacemaker implantees as opposed to general public, but I know what I felt just being close to them. Does anybody else here know anything regarding this?


Plasma Lights

by AgentX86 - 2019-08-11 22:59:39

Welcome to the group you didn't want to come anywhere near, 24-7Pacer!

I highly doubt the plasma lights were heating up your PM.  That would mean they were absorbing or generating significant heat.  If they're absorbing energy, where is it going?  Heat?  It would be cooking your skin more than the titanium case of your PM (which would be a heat sink).  If the heat is coming from the PM, they only source can be the batteries - double not good.  They're designed to generate a very small current for a very long time.  I'm not familliar with these lights you're speaking of but Tesla coils generate high frequency current, which because of the "skin effect" (seriously) doesn't penetrate the body very far.  They're still something I wouldn't mess around with.  I just don't see the payback. 

If the PM cooled down

by MartyP - 2019-08-12 09:21:38

Just a curiosity .... When you were no longer near the lights, did the sensation of heat dissipate?  If so there might be something to your concern.

If the "area" is still hot, there might be a concern of an infection, but while that is unlikely, if the area is still hot, back to the cardiologist would be something I would do.

Glad to read that your depression is moving on, many of us did have to get thru that period of time, but do come out on the other side when it ends.

Thanks for writing your story.  

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