Volleyball vs. ICD

Hello! I just had my ICD implanted 2 weeks ago after a sudden cardiac arrest while playing volleyball. I’m sharing my experience in this microblog if anyone is interested.

Just wondering of anyone here had something similar and managed to come back to train and play volleyball.






SCA and later

by islandgirl - 2019-08-12 18:09:23

I would think you will be able to play volleyball after you are completely healed.  Speak to your electrophysiologist regarding time for healing and wait for his ok to start an activity that raises your arms.  I also had a SCA 3 years ago, so we are one of a small percentage that survive out of hospital SCAs.  Mine was idiopathic, and I had a pacemaker about 1 1/2 years earlier for a slow heartbeat (sick sinus syndrome)  We are protected with the ICD.  My meds are constantly adjusted to prevent the ventricular arrhythmias and I've gone about 2 months ventricular arrhythmia free.  I haven't been shocked....the newer ICDs 'pace' me out of the arrhythmias.  Good luck and enjoy life!

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