Raised blood pressure since PM

Hi, I had a PM for bradycardia 8 days ago, and since then my blood pressure has gone up considerably. I have always had low blood pressure (107/60 ish) and a low body temperature, to do with my low resting heart rate (36-44 pre PM), but now my HR is set at 50, both my temp and BP are up too. I've been checked for infection and my bloods are all clear, so it's not that. Is this a normal adjustment?



by Tracey_E - 2019-08-15 09:35:08

The pacer just makes your heart go faster so it doesn't directly affect your bp, however it can indirectly. Is it high now or just in the normal range? If it's normal, I wouldn't worry about it. Our body can go through a lot of changes as it gets used to having adequate oxygen, it's all good changes. My rate was always low 40's also. For me, my brain was more clear, my eyesight got better, and some irregularities disappeared from my blood work. 

Ive also had Raised blood pressure since PM

by DJ ladell - 2019-08-15 09:36:29

I had mine put in 14 days ago. Ive also had a low to normal blood pressure, since ive had PM fitted i get normal to High blood pressure. Really high in the first week, but now seems to be settling i hope. Ive got Blood pressure tablet i take if its high but then i find when it drops it drops really low so i try to avoid taking it . So im not sure if this is normal in the beginning.

I asked the same question...

by crustyg - 2019-08-15 12:34:48

...of my EP doc, and he acknowledged that one might see an increase in BP - at least for a while.

Consider an athletic heart with SSS and brady - each heartbeat produces a large output, just not very often.  Suddenly instead of 35 large beats per min, you're driven at 50bpm, so you might well see an increase in BP.  Usually the carotid sinus would detect the increased BP and slow the heart and decrease the force of each heartbeat.  But your PM keeps driving the faster HR.

Secondly the right atrium should fill with more blood, be stretched and produce a hormone Atrial-Natriuretic Peptide (ANP) (and yes, there's a brain one too) which tells your kidneys to dump sodium, so the amount of salt-and-water available to fill your veins and arteries is reduced => your BP goes down. Except that many patients with SSS have damaged atria that don't produce ANP normally, especially after a period of atrial flutter or fibrillation.

What I don't know is over what period of time any settling down might occur and when it makes sense to consider adding a drug to reduce an elevated BP.  My guess is two to three months.  I borrowed an automatic BP monitor from my primary care team for 10days post implantation - properly resting BP was ok, but BP during more active periods was higher than usual in me.

Raised blood pressure

by ar_vin - 2019-08-15 14:02:39

"I have always had low blood pressure (107/60 ish)"

To the OP:

First, welcome to the club! Please take a few minutes to complete your profile. It helps those responding provide an informed answer to your questions.

Second, 107/60 is NOT low blood pressure.

You don't provide your post implant blood pressure either. So it's hard to provide a reasonable response.

Even in a "normal" person blood pressure can vary significantly within a space of a few minutes and day to day depending on a variety of factors. I first learnt this back around 1992 when I participated in a large academic medical study of blood pressure in the population at large. Each individual was provided a blood pressure cuff and monitor with a recording device that was to be worn all day and all night even in bed except of course when showering. The monitor was programmed to take readings at regular intervals; study participants could also initiate a reading if they felt any need. For instance if you were emotionally stressed or physically stressed. Participants were provided a log book to enter what they were doing or feeling when they initiated a reading.

It was very interesting how much blood pressure varied during the course of a day (at the time, as now, I had no hypertension (or hypotension).





Blood Pressure

by CMH22567 - 2019-08-17 07:31:08

I dont know what the books say but for me I had normal BP before PM, then after implant I had a range of 70/40 to 90/60 for me I was fatigued and had dizzy spells  my PM was set at min 60. However last week they increased the minimum to 70 beats per min and my BP has raised to 110/70 and I am feeling fantastic. 

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