This past February, I had a pacemaker optimization performed.  Doc. stood behind the sonographer and watched the ultrasound images on the screen and gave instructions to a device nurse to change my PM settings to this, that or the other thing. Final result was a claim that my LVEF was raised from 20% to 35%+ altho I didn't feel that much better. Fatigue continued. Couple days ago, I had a right and left heart Cath ------------ no blockages, YAY!!  In a couple more days, I'll have a 2D echo performed (will it show things that didn't show during the earlier PM optimization?)  Finally, my pulmonologist wants a chest CT scan performed.  All this to try to track down the cause of my lingering fatigue and unintended weight loss (180 lbs in Jan. - 163 today) that began early this year after a bout with pneumonia - along with my continuing low blood pressure (usually 88/52)  - Docs have halved my daily metoprolol and tamsulosin dosages in the attempt to raise my BP - I'm thinking of lowering them to the figure of zero and see what happens!  Anyone here have a similiar eperience with this scenario?




Just got around to reading this

by crustyg - 2020-06-18 11:47:53

Seems a bit odd to have your %LVEF go up that much just by changing your PM settings.  Suggests to me that you weren't really being paced in an adequate fashion.

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