CRT-p then Eliquis and Amiodarone

Is this a frequent combination/sequence?


PM + Eliquis + Amio

by AgentX86 - 2019-08-24 13:43:27

Let me guess, Afib?  (or Aflutter)  Yes, this would be a fairly rational combination for this sort of arrhythmia.  Amioderone is a pretty nasty but highly effective antiarrhythmic.  Since you're well into your 70s, it's probably a fairly normal choice.  I would watch closely for its toxic side effects, though. Even at a few six-month courses of it, it damaged my thyroid (sees to have recovered, finally). There are many other side effects, as well.

Amioderone surpresses the heart rate. If you're in permament AF/AFL, you're probably on metoprolol too, to avoid tachycardia induced cardiomyopathy.  Since both of these surpress the heart rate (and many of us with electrical issues already have Bragycardia) the pacemaker is implanted to keep up the bottom end.  The PM can't do anything for the AF/AFL or tachycardia, though.  The above drugs do that job.

Finally, Eliquis is needed to keep the blood from clotting.  Since you have an arrhythmia, the blood tends to pool in slow moving areas of the heart, and clots.  Those clots have a 50/50 chance of moving to the brain, which causes a stroke.  To avoid this, Eliquis is used as an anticoagulant to keep the blood from clotting in the first place.  It's the best of the alternatives.

So, yes, it seems your doctors are going down a reasonable path.  The one thing I'd be nervous about is the Amioderone.  I'd push hard to come up with another alternative, whether it be a different drug (less effective but somewhat safer, though all antiarrhymics are toxic) or ablation, which would be my choice.


I am grateful, AgentX86

by Jereems - 2019-08-24 14:57:17

I am surprised Doc did not take ablation route. He had mentioned it. I think he likes to “wait and see ,” to “wait and see what gives” perhaps. He waits for any possible natural healing, learn from my response to drugs. After all, surgical interventions, ablation for instance, probably cannot be undone. But it may be in my future. I hesitate to press, because I have great confidence in him, in his nurse practitioner, and the whole outfit! And again, I thank you for your very helpful insights.

Still waiting for Amiodarone. So I’m taking advantage of last few days to enjoy grapefruit. 

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