After pacemaker problem

I had my PM on the 22nd and when I first came round as they put me out completely I have terrible nerve pain, that has finally stopped now , 

Some three weeks later I got up one morning after laying on my left side for the first time when something went crunch, off to the hospital as I was told to do for an x ray, it was then noticed that my PM and turned unpside down although the surgeon thinks the reason I had been in so much pain for 3 weeks was because my shoulder was dislocated and has now popped back in,  he informs me this could have been done when the PM was being fitted.  It could only happen to me .  They checked it last week to make sure it was still working , has anyone else had this problem with the PM twisting its a little worrying as I am concerned the wires are gonna get shorter if it carries on, as of yet I am scared to raise my arm above my head , still wahsing my hair with one hand in the shower lol . I have a check on the 13th September , but am going to belgium and italy for the grand prix s and feeling edgy about doing this 


shoulder pain

by Webby - 2019-08-25 16:13:39

Thank you so much for the advice , I had been in horrendous pain for 3.5 weeks till it went back in and all of a suddden I could move my arm , the pain is better now but I have a swollen armpit thats driving me nuts lol.  But so thankful the pain died down. I was beginign to think how the hell do people ahve these PMs if they cause so much pain.  Thank you again for the reasurance of the wires its appreciated , x

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