Pacer discomfort

Anyone have trouble with 30 year old leads, new pacers with adaptors to fit with the old leads, and fitting it in a submammary implantation?



by Tracey_E - 2019-08-30 10:24:33

I can feel it when I sleep on my side. The adapters are pretty big! My first 4 were submammary, newest was moved to subpectoral but it slipped and now it sticks out when I move the wrong way or sleep on my side. I liked it better submammary, was a lot more comfortable.

How many have you had? I had a plastic surgeon rebuild the pocket when I got #4. Scar tissue had built up and was uncomfortable. 

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In fact after the final "tweaks" of my pacemaker programming at the one year check up it is working so well that I forget I have it.