I had a PM implant December 2018 and for the last three weeks +/- I have been getting a tingling sensation that originates right where I can feel the wires through my skin.  I little bit like a hand buzzer that some used to use as a prank.  It progresses from the wires out to my left shoulder, then up the trapezius on the same side, up my neck and terminates behind my left ear. I get a couple per hour, usually when I am not being active.  I do a lot of exercise and have been doing a lot of hiking to prep for a Grand Canyon hike at the end of this month.

The cardiology place had me send a transmission, said everything looked normal and they had never heard of something like this.  It doesn't seem to affect anything I do but it is definitley new and different.  Anyone heard of this?


Joy Buzzer

by AgentX86 - 2019-09-02 21:09:44

I had something like that the first few days I had my PM.  Very annoying.  The nurse said it was probably an irritated nerve and that it would go away soon enough.  In my case, it did.  Hope you're as lucky.  I know what a PITA it is.

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