I have a question if anyone could help?.

Does anyone have or hsve had a bloating sensation in the diaphram or solar.plexis area and if so is this likely to be a PM.lead.that has moved.

I keep getting this.feeling / sensation.which doesn't give me.shortness of breath, pain or enhanced heart rate but is a worry.

I have discussed this with my doctor.and.there isn't a concern; the PM is working fine.

Any experiences.or advice.would be welcome.





Maybe Something Besides Your PM

by CatDad - 2019-09-05 18:12:02

When my ventricular lead refused to auger into the heart wall because of previous scarring it dropped down and began pacing my diaphragm. It felt exactly like a finger being flicked against the inside of my lower ribcage with every pulse.

At the EP's it was immediately obvious to the tech interrogating my PM that much was amiss. I was able to have lead revision surgery that same afternoon.

I'm only dimly aware of what else may be a cause for your sensation but the candidates are numerous: vagsovagal presyncope, esophagitis, pulmonary hypertension.... etc..

Have you spoken to your cardiologist (plumber) as well as to your EP (electrician)?


by SamanthaS - 2019-09-06 15:51:13

There could be a lead issue that is causing pericarditis.  I had the same bloating sensation and lost 8 pounds because I always felt so full that I could not eat.  It took me 8 weeks of complaining but when my legs started to swell EP decided to do the revision.  Good luck.

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