Twitching after last visit

Is it normal to continue to have twitching in your chest after they adjust your AICD? It’s been 2 months .. I had it in the very beginning after surgery ( January) , it went away but now this time it didn’t ??? 

Thanks for any help 


What is AICD

by Gotrhythm - 2019-09-08 15:15:28

I had to look it up. Turns out it's the same as ICD.

In either case, I don't have any personal knowledge of defibrillators. Sorry you're having trouble.

This is what my Doc did

by FirstDuely - 2019-09-08 19:41:06

I had a new pacer installed last July.  Had some issues with me popping internal stitches so they moved it from under the skin to inside the muscle layer somewhere.  I noticed soon after that my chest muscle surrounding the pacer began twitching at the end of September usually associated with my bike riding.  I called and was seen very soon after.  

So they turned off "Autocapture" and the twitching stopped...I still get some thumping from the heart while sitting around so I just get up and do stuff to forget about it.  

My suggestion if anything seems odd is to call the doctor who does your adjustments and then go in and get done whatever needs to be done.  

The dual pacer I have is the 9th so far in about 34 years.  I got the first dual chambered (not defib though) in the world.  Just so glad the technology came out when I needed it.  

Call and discuss with your doctor.  They know stuff... ;)

Gary in Hemet, CA

I ride a new Trek bike 100 - 150 miles a week.  I'll be 70 in April.  I have tons to be thankful for and look to keep on doing what I do.  So can you...

Twitching ...

by Mamma D - 2019-09-09 08:18:01

Thanh’s for your input .. I do have an appt in a couple weeks .. I will bring thing subject up with them ... 

Good Luck ! Stay Healthy !



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