Extreme fatigue

This may seem like an odd question but does anyone experience extreme fatigue for days after a routine PM checkup? They didn’t change any settings but did the normal interrogation and tests. I didn’t feel this way when I had my previous PM check up 4 months ago but that was by my EP. This time was a young new person who did take so much longer to do everything. Since this last appt I feel weak and tired. Almost light headed at times. He said everything was fine with my PM but now I just feeling like laying in bed! (I’ve had PM since January this year.)


That's not right

by AgentX86 - 2019-09-12 14:43:45

You don't say how long it's been but I'd call back and get another appointment, at least with the  PM tech. You may not think anything changed but _something_ has obviously changed. There is no reason to suffer longer.

Pacemaker reading

by Theknotguy - 2019-09-12 16:15:54

I had a similar situation.  Every time I'd have a pacemaker reading I'd go into afib the next day.  Of course the EP said that couldn't happen but four out of five times it did.  He refused to look at the printouts that showed I was going into afib.  (Or worse afib.)  Fortunately I'm one of those people who can feel when they do something with my heart and very quickly zeroed in on the ventricle test.  

I had a series of temp pacemaker techs and they were accustomed to getting in and getting out.  So they'd do a quick check on the atrium, then do a fast run up on the ventricles.  I'd really feel it when they hit the ventricle side.  Then the next day I'd go into full blown afib. 

So I started having conversations with the techs about feeling the ventricle test and not feeling good afterward.  Got them to agree not to run up a fast ventricle test and do the minimum necessary to check the ventricle side.  Fewer afib sessions after that. 

So your EP may say it isn't happening that way but I'd still have a talk with your EP and the techs to see if they know what's going on.  You're right, it doesn't feel good when they do a fast test and it's sometimes hard to get the doctors to listen to you.  

Hope this helps.

here's what it is

by ROBO Pop - 2019-09-14 17:14:13

During an interrogation, they also check response and performance. One thing they do is accelerate your heart rate, and usually it's pretty high. After 13xyears I've grown accustomed but can remember being tired after an interrogation for a couple days. Ask them not to crank to rate up so high

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