2 years ago today i recieved a pacemaker due to an AV block.. overall everything has gone well , check ups ect.   Monday I sent a remote transmission and recieved a call from the doctors office that they wanted to see me yesterday.  They said they saw some tachycardia.   I went to the appointment to be told that since Sept 19, 2019 they have seen 124 epiosodes of Atrial Tachycardia.  They questioned if I could feel these.,  To be honest maybe a handful and due to alot of stress over the past month, i challked it up to that.   I did see the NP as the doctor is not due into tomorrow.  She is going to consult with him.  They mentioned medication but said that will only bring it down a little, i guess i was at as high as 200bpm in the atrial node.   The other thing mentioned was an ablation.   When i asked if this is typical of someone that has a pacemaker for an AV block i was told this is not common at all.   I am 48 years old and in good health.  Has this happened to anyone after getting a PM for AV block or has anyone had an ablation and have feed back on that





Heart block

by AgentX86 - 2019-10-02 13:56:32

Not specifically heart block but much of the discussion on AV node ablation applies to you, too. The difference is that an AVnode ablation is an intentional heart block. Since nature gave you yours, an AV node ablation now will just clean things up a bit so those episodes of A-tach won't get through. I see that as a no brainers, particularly at your age.

The procedure is a piece of cake, even simpler tha the PM implant. They'll probably want to keep you overnight for observation but you'll be up and around in a few hours.

Confused ? Atrial tachycardia

by Selwyn - 2019-10-02 13:59:30

There are differing degrees of AV block, therefore, having a pacemaker does not exclude you from developing a tachycardia driven from the atria ( superventricular tachycardia), for which a sinus tachycardia, associated with anxiety, is one.  As a 'by-the-way', don't forget to have your thyroid checked for overactivity, and make sure you are not taking any medicines/over the counter preparations that can cause tachycardia.

There are different causes and types of atrial tachycardias. There are different types of ablation. You do not state what tachycardia you are having, nor what ablation is being offered. 

I have had a flutter ablation and two atrial fibrillation ablations. Never had an AV node ablation. The complication rate from a flutter ablation is a lot less than for a fibrillation ablation. Not sure what sort of feedback you are looking for. Any personal experience from this site is just that, and may not reflect the overall picture one way or the other. 

By all means, post again with more detail if you require specific advice/help/reassurance. 

confused too - didn't you post earlier about dizzy episodes?

by Elisabet - 2019-10-06 13:26:31

I'm confused too. You posted a few days before this that you were having brief dizzy spells that frankly sounded similar to the episodes of intermittent heart block that turned out to be stopping my heart for several seconds at a time - episodes which earned my membership in this club.

Did any of the any of the times you were having those episodes correlate to anything recorded on the pm? 

Whatever automated algorithmic scan was used to report the results of my regular interrogation from home didn't catch one troubling incident I had last year that my doctor found when I next saw him in the office. He had reviewed all the captured incidents himself -when I came in - I guess I didn't have too many - but the computer had interpreted that one incorrectly. (Luckily no repreat so far.) 

My point is I hope that the doctor looks himself at those specific times you were having episodes, just in case something was inadvertently overlooked. In any case I hope you get this figured out soon.

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