thurs havingm y operation any pain involved. should i stay in hospital overnight. when do they check out pm after implant. when a pulse is sent from pm to heart how strong isice it. if a person has a regular heart attack who has a pm and hs heart stops, will this device get it going again.



by lenora - 2007-04-07 10:04:07

Hi, you may have some discomfort after the pacemaker is put in but usually a couple of tylenol or advil will handle it. You probably will be sore for a couple of weeks. Some patients stay overnight but some go home the day of surgery. That depends on the doctor. Your pacemaker will be checked by a technician who works for the company that makes your pacemaker before you leave the hospital. The doctor will tell you how and when it will be checked after that. Now, when someone has a heart attack, their heart doesn't suddenly stop. A heart attack happens when blood supply to the heart muscle is blocked for one of a couple of reasons. The pacemaker will continue to work although the heart muscle may not respond as before. It can't restart your heart. I think you should definitely sit down with your doctor before Thursday and have your questions answered. If your doctor has a nurse practitioner she can also answer your questions. Each doctor has his own protocols and preferences. Good luck. Lenora

Elaboration on Lenora's comments

by Surferman - 2007-04-08 11:04:31

Hello. The only think that I can add to what Lenora said is that I was awake through most of the surgical procedure and heart the EP talking to the PM rep.; they worked together. Once the leads were implanted and screwed into the heart muscle, the EP surgeon was installing the PM to the leads in my shoulder pocket, the PM pre/techy was programming the PM. I heard the EP finally say to the rep/tech: "Let me know when you're finished and I'll start sewing it (the incision) up; The rep said she was finished and the EP started sewing. I spent the night in the hospital; they were checking me every half hour throughout the night. First thing the next AM, the different rep/tech from St. Jude Medical came in to check out the PM. He said it merits an A+!!!
Good Luck with your procedure; I'm sure it will go well. Surferman

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