Re Welding Safety tip for pacemaker wearers

I have for many years wanted to be able to weld again, well i am now 63 and have had a Medtronic pacemaker for 10 years and about ready for a replacement, 3 days prior to my last check i decided to make a sheild out of 7lb lead sheet and strapped this in place over my pacer with elasticated strapping, although i was only welding aroung 90 amps i felt no issues at all and was even more pleased to find a few days later whilst having my pacing check that there were no deviations or interuptions or even battery depletion, when i asked if there were any unusual signs i was given an absolute no.  hope this may be of help to someone out there.

I like this site and hope that you are all whilst being careful do not forget to enjoy yourself, if you are like me and sometimed you just need to take a risk, hey, whats the worst that can happen, ha ha, take care 



by Skeet - 2019-10-23 16:28:53

Hay Tocayo, I am 72 had a pacemaker for over 12 years and I weld all the time, and never had an issue. I think if you are a pipeline welder or somthing like that it might be a problem. There are some guidelines on the internet somewhere, I don't remember where, but  as long as you don't get carried away a little welding seems ok. I like your idea. Safe than sorry, right.



by AgentX86 - 2019-10-23 18:00:07

Lead isn't going to do even a little thing to reduce the magnetic field generated by the welding arc.  It requires (a lot) of ferrous metal to shield magnetic fields and a lump in the way isn't going to do it, either. You're fooling yourself. 

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