Vo2 Max Test After ICD Adjustment

I am scheduled to have a Vo2 Max test (which I hate) 4 weeks after a third wire is going to be placed in my ICD. Do you think 4 weeks is too soon to have the test? Just not sure it will give me enought time to heal and to show any improvement of my heart function due to the third wire. The Vo2 test was scheduled prior to my third wire placement appointment.



by ROBO Pop - 2019-10-25 18:21:53

The protocol is to check after 1 month. Improvements typically occur anywhere between 1 mo and 1 year. Some never experience improvement.

How you feel is really the important gauge

I suspect it's one of two VO2 max studies....

by crustyg - 2019-10-26 15:52:17

I have a strong feeling that this is the first time that it makes sense to ask you to do a VO2-max post lead addition, and that the plan is to get you to do another in one year.

It *usually* takes months for CRT therapy to show measurable benefit.

I've done one Bruce protocol treadmill test (some years ago), and declined a second one early this year - no point for me at that stage and just said No.  It's recognised to be fairly cruel for SSS+brady patients who can't raise their HR properly.  It's not really a VO2-max, but it's a commonly used proxy for a proper VO2-max which requires gas analysis.  And the Bruce protocol is deeply unphysiological, but it was designed a long time ago to be a nearly open-ended study which could be guaranteed to finish in 30min!

An echo for %LVEF might be kinder to you.  But more costly I think.


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