I bumped my pacemaker yesterday while hugging a friend and it hurt.  Now the site and everything around it hurts.  If I damaged the leads or anything how would I know?  And how much tylenol can I take for the pain?  I just received this 6 weeks ago so I'm totally new at this.  My arm pit hurts in the crease by my shoulder.  Is that normal too?  This is all new to me and pain is bad.  Will it get better or should i go to the urgent care?  I'm not liking this thing in my chest although it's helping.  HELP!!!


Pacemaker pocket pain

by Theknotguy - 2019-10-26 10:18:16

The pacemaker pocket can be really sensitive at first.  As long as you aren't seeing redness or running a fever you probably won't have to worry.  It's just the underlying tissue being sensitive.  There is a lot of healing going on with the underlying tissue in the area and you can feel all sorts of sensations if the area gets bumped.  And if you damaged a lead you'd know about it.  

As far as how much Tylenol you can take, I'd follow the directions on the Tylenol box and also check with your doctor's office to see what they feel will be the appropriate maximum dosage.  Like all medications it depends upon your body size, sensitivity to medications, etc.  

I volunteer at a charity woodshop where we make furniture for indigent people.  Went back to work after I had my pacemaker for six months.  Would feel fine while I was there but the next day it felt like someone had wrapped my pacemaker in sandpaper and scrubbed it around in the pacemaker pocket.  Tylenol, hot and cold compresses were my friends for the next four days.  After six years with my pacemaker I can do the work I want without having the pocket getting sore.  Can't say that for the rest of my body but hey, we're all getting older.  

Mostly what we used to see on the forum about leads coming loose was because of them working loose because of heart action.  It takes a really hard shock to cause the leads to come loose otherwise.  So just hugging someone wouldn't come anywhere near to being enough force to dislodge a lead.  

Oh, and it's OK not to like having a pacemaker.  Believe me when I say I'd like to get rid of mine but life didn't turn out that way.  Of course, my other option of living without a pacemaker means I'd be dead and I don't like that option at all.  So I'm trying to make the best of the situation.  

I hope everything else is going well for you.  


by Tracey_E - 2019-10-26 10:45:36

Don't take more tylenol than what the bottle says, it's poisonous. You can take both advil and tylenol at the same time. I would ice before loading up on meds. There is virtually no chance a hug caused serious damage. 

Never go to urgent care for the pacer. They will just refer you to the ER so you'll have two bills. For something like this, you could call your doctor if it's really scaring you but me, I'd ice it and wait until Monday. 

Forget it

by AgentX86 - 2019-10-26 12:07:36

Of course your pacemaker is sore.  You just got sliced and diced and were stupid enough to whack the wound.  You probably bruised it again (ruptured a blood vessel so it's bleeding, causing pressure on nerves).  Ice it down and chalk it up to experience.  Keep some safe  space around that pacer for the next few months. Mine was really sensitive for eight full months and I'm still pretty protective of that area.

  There is zero chance you damaged the leads and if you did, you wouldn't feel pain.  The lead would stop working, so you'd stop pacing.  No pain but you might feel prety rotten.

Before you take Advil...

by Hoser - 2019-10-27 22:21:32

Check your prescriptions for contraindications.

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