Dual Chamber Pacemaker Boston

What type of Pacemaker report can i request directly from my PM Phyisican when i have a device check up or report from my remote reports transmitted by phone.

What is the Name of the report.






Take a thumb-drive witih you for the most comprehensive download.

by crustyg - 2019-10-31 02:30:12

For BostonSci there should be at least six reports: Arrhythmia, CombinedFollowUp, PatientData, SensorTrending, Settings and Changes.

As AngySparrow says: ask for *everything* - but you may have to gently insist that this really means that they have to check all of the boxes before generating the outputs.  And it may take a couple of minutes!

Most easily received on a thumb-drive which they can plug into the programmer and copy everything across.  There *may* be fewer reports available from a Latitude remote report than are available if you're connected to the PM programmer.

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