Pacemaker to ICD

Hi. Been diagnosed with cardiac sarcoidosis, and due to the high risk of vtac and heart failure the cardiologists are talking about upgrading my 3 year old 2 lead pacemaker to an ICD. Appointment in 2 weeks but I have some questions I’d like to get on top of beforehand. Can someone tell me if this means extra lead needs to be placed and can they still use the existing leads from my pacemaker or will I need all the leads removed and replaced. Existing pacemaker is a medtronic sure scan. Thanks


upgrade to ICD

by islandgirl - 2019-11-12 17:45:03

I had an upgrade from a Medtronic Surescan PM to a Medtronic ICD 3 years ago due to a sudden cardiac arrest due to vtach/vfib/flatline. I had my PM for about 18 months due to sick sinus syndrome/sinus not dysfunction. They had to replace the right ventricular lead.  They removed my lead due to not wanting to leave a loose lead in due to MRI restrictions and also I didn't have a lot of room due to vein abnormalities up near the device.  My EP was competent at lead removal.  It was done under sedation and I didn't remember anything.

upgrade to icd

by jazzy1986 - 2019-11-21 15:47:06

I received a pacemaker in 2001 due to cardiac arrythmia. In 2003, diagnosed with cardiac sarcoidosis was the cause of the arrythmia and was upgraded to a Medtronic ICD. The pacemaker leads came out because ICD main lead/pacing lead is different. ICD main lead is designed to pace and provide shock therapy if needed. That ICD lead from 2003 is still in me and working away.


by Cheryl B - 2019-12-03 20:14:02

I received an ICD in 2010 after being diagnosed with cardiac sarcoidosis also.  Few years back EPI doc noticed little "blips" in my lower lead.  Last May I had to have the battery changed, so they also added a new lead next to the "bad" lead.  Evidently I had enough room.  I was almost but not "pleasantly" surprised to hear from two people with cardiac sarcoidsis.  (Don't want anyone having this diagnosis.)  If anyone wants to private message me with any questions, please don't hesitate.  I am not only doing well because I take the best care I can of myself, but also because this site has helped me tremendously.  I truly believe my mental health is better because of all the great people here.

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