Induction cooking

Earlier today I ordered  an induction cook top. Its a single unit for one pot pan, etc. After it arrived this evening there was a warning about pacemakers. Now with Doctors offices closed & medtronic only open to emergency calls I have no way to cook other than a microwave until Monday.

Does anyone here know if its safe to use near induction?  I know mine is safe for MRI's and I have been breifly near induction before. Had I have know about induction possibly interfering i would not have ordered it. I am not going to use it should I have to return. Thanks all


You will be fine to use it

by crustyg - 2019-11-16 04:43:25

If you went crazy and laid down on the top of the hob, with an iron skillet under the right side of your chest, and then turned the hob onto full power it *might* cause your PM to activate the magnet response and set you to basic pacing - until you moved away as the skillet started to burn your chest!

Magnetic field strength reduces in intensity very quickly as you move away from the source - you'll notice that the metal handles of your induction cookware heat up much more slowly than the base for this exact reason (they heat up mostly through conduction, not induction).

Search for other posts on this topic in this forum.

I thought it would be ok but

by rk - 2019-11-16 12:30:13

I forgot to add it was implanted in 2012 on the left side. I doubt its sheilded as well as a

more current model. If you or anyone has more info in on that its appreciated. Thanks

Induction cooking.

by Graham M - 2019-11-16 15:53:27

In the booklet I was given 3 months ago when I had my pacemaker implanted, Medtronic say that they reccommend you stay 16cm from sources of magnetic fields, and do not say anything specific about induction cookers, so I guess they are as safe as any other cooker.

My PM will withstand an MRI scan which is probably the strongest magnetic field we would normally encounter.  I have shared before in this forum that I work with an electron microscope that uses large electromagnets as lenses, and I have had no adverse effects

My feelings about magnetic fields are that while it is a good idea to be wary of them, they may not be as dangerous as we have been led to believe.


induction cooking

by rk - 2019-11-17 15:34:53

Thanks Graham, 16 cm is rather close. Like Crusty said I would have to almost lay on it. Mine is MRI safe & I've had several. Thanks again it appears the warning is just a precaution.

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