Sprint Fidelis Leads

Hello all,
I'm sure many of you have read about the Sprint Fidelis Lead
(Models 6930, 6931, 6948, 6949) recalls. I myself have some leads implanted (6949), along witha Medtronic ICD. Luckily I have had no issues with them. I'm due for a checkup next week. .
I am bascially posting this message for people with these leads. I was just wondering for the people who have these leads implanted or know of people with them. Maybe contact me just to see what your status is with your leads. Just would like to speak to other people in my situtation. Maybe we can share stories, and pass on our knowledge.
thanks for reading
don't look know but Christmas is getting closer!!
talk to you all later..
p.s. if people want to email me that is ok.
thanks.. see ya


broken wire

by huskersnb2 - 2007-11-28 11:11:23

hello i have model 6949 one of the bad ones my lead is broken my pm is shut off right now i dont know what to do it went off 8 times in one minet and 3 times the next day why i was seeing one of mt heart doctors he told me it was damaged or broke it was broke i have alot of bills from this recalled item already
so my self and my wife went and got a lawyer to get everything taken care of now i have to decide waht tod do my doctor said he dont think i need it any more but its still there u can email me if you want and we can talk but if youre wire is not damaged i dont know if they will do anything for you as i have read but i cant seem to find any more updated stories on this matter duane huskersnb2

Fractured Leads

by sherry11 - 2007-11-28 12:11:14

Hi , I do not have those model numbers, but i just found out i have a Pacemaker lead fractured, and waiting to get in to hospital to get repaired. I have 3 leads. One to the Atrium is fractured. I also have a guidance , Medtronic manufactor.. I was wondering if this is also a faulty lead..

Kirby knight

by papaknight - 2007-11-29 03:11:53

I had an ICD implanted in 2002. In 2006 my ICDfailed to shock when my heart stopped. Luckily I was in a hospital elevator and was revived. I then had a different manufacturers unit installed [medtronic] and now find that I have the recalled leads. go figure. My point is I was lied to by the technitions following the first ICD for over 3 years, evenafter it failed. Do your homework, ask questions, write everything down and get the report every time you have the device checked. The report saying all is well doesn't necessarilly mean it is. Best of luck to you and your dad.
Kirby Knight

finding it stressful

by PreciousDays - 2007-11-29 09:11:27

Thanks for your post. I have a biventricular pacer, implanted in Sept. With the faulty lead. I too, am set to chime (the rep failed to tell me at what time) if "something" goes wrong. I thought I was doing fairly well coping with the diagnosis of cardiomyopathy - and then of heart failure - and then of needing the pacer/defibrillator. The news that the lead was being recalled - (which I heard before the incision was even healed!!!!!!!) really has proven to be a bit much for me. I startle at soft chiming noises (not funny - though I joke about it all the time) - and I regret ever having gone through the procedure. - I know lots of people understand having a pacer/defibrillator - even at the moderately young age of 45 - but I don't know that very many people understand the anxiety that goes with knowing you may be bar-b-qued from the inside out because of a faulty device that you chose to allow the doctor to put inside of you....... I suppose I am still struggling. Hope the rest of you are doing a bit better than this. - PD

I have the same leads

by Deb - 2007-11-29 09:11:43

I also have the same leads, lucky for me I haven't had a problem. I went to the ICD clinic in Newmaket, Ontario. They set an alarm on my ICD so if the smallest thing goes wrong it well ring. They told me the chances of something going wrong is very small. I'm hoping thats true. I've had my ICD since April and haven't been shocked, hoping to keep it that way.


by krycek29 - 2007-11-29 10:11:30

Thank you all for your stories.
I am actually lucky to have have lived to have and ICD implanted. Back in march I had a Tachacardia arrest, i was actually on the darkside for a few minutes, luckily my girlfriend was there perfrom CPR and call 911. I and forever grateful to my girlfriend and the firemen who saved me.
When I received the letter regarding the recalled leads it scared the hell outta me. Wasn't sure what it meant.
Last month I went to a seminar regarding the leads. They told us that the chances of the lead having a problem is very small like 2 percent. What they did for everyone was turn on an alarm which will dectect if there is a problem with the leads. If there is a problem detected a little siren will go off and they encourage you to get it checked out.
If you do have a fracture occur in your leads it could cause unwanted or unecessary shocks. If you suddenly get shocked over and over get to a hospital. The only way to disable it is to put a large magnet over the ICd or if they have the computer there they can turn it off. From the info I was told just because you have a recalled lead it doesn't mean you will have a problem with it. Hopefully not because the procedure to replace the leads is a bit risky. They would rather work around the problem, and closely monitor the leads rather then just replace them. One other fact the told us was that the chances of your leads failing when you actually need it (a life threatening situation) are like 1 in 10,000.
I was shocked once before however that was due to my heart racing, its not a nice feeling. I kinda felt it coming, it felt like i was being pushed in the back and then wammo it shocked the crap outta me. It didn't last long over in like a second. From what I read they have been using the Sprint Fiedlis Leads since 2004 and only since October they notified people about the problem.
I am going for checkup on Tues any information I obtain i will pass it on..

Medtronics lead did fracture (6949)

by travelingreids - 2007-11-29 11:11:25

My dad's lead did fracture in June 07. At the time we did not know about this problem with these leads. To my surprise, when we did hear about it (Oct 07), I had my dad check his ICD card and lo and behold, they replaced the fractured lead with the same model.....We had a pacemaker check on 11/13 with a Medtronics rep. Previously his defibulator was programmed to do a "check" of the battery voltage and lead integrity at 1 am every day. But we were not aware of this. The rep increased the sensitivity level from 2500 to 1000(whatever this means). It will do the check still at 1am every night and if problems detected, the alert is scheduled to go off at 9:10am the next morning. Rep said this would detect battery voltage and the integrity of the lead(s). If he hears the 'faint' alert, he is to go to dr to have it checked out. Rep also said his pacemaker/defibulator was set to 18 beats to see if his heart was out of rythm (a-fib). She stretched that window out a little more to allow the defibulator time to distinguish if it is noise or actual a-fib that it is reading. I am not sure if this mad my dad is more at ease or just that he will be waiting on "9:10am" every day to see if he hears the alarm. Rep ask if he had been given a "donut magnet". He has and she instructed him on how he can check the defibulator with it. Has anyone else done this?? Is this really safe?

Even with all this, my Dad is so depressed now I dont know what to do. When they replaced the fractured lead back in June, the dr then said his viens were so small that this is the last one he could get in. Hopefully he will have better luck the second time around with his leads....



by jessie - 2007-11-29 11:11:36

great! the more info one has and the more info one shares can only make life better. it is great to have you on this site with all your experiences and your info. i am sure glad to meet you. maureen(originally from sarnia) haha

Contacted by lawyers?

by travelingreids - 2007-12-01 10:12:55

Has anyone with the recalled leads been contacted by lawyers. Not sure how they got my dad's name, but just wondering if anyone else has gotten calls or things in the mail?

I agree with Chris, my dad is lucky to be alive and I think the benefits outway the risks.


by firebox - 2007-12-02 10:12:08

I have the recalled Lead in my ICD since 12/05 without problems, my doctor wants to monitor me monthly via carelink, the cost is $160.00 per transmission and reading, this will be for life however Medtronics will not pay for this.......Thanks Medtronics........I think I may get a lawyer!

bad leads

by papaknight - 2007-12-03 10:12:48

I think they should have to provide those with bad leads with a home defibrillator

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