Quick question .....

I am having a precautionary nuclear ☢️ stress test .

not really because of symptoms and mostly because I think it makes sense (I've also met my deductible this year ) as I have had artery issues in the past. 

ive had several tests before .... I know the radioactive tracer stuff is harmless or at least low risk .

what about the camera they use ? I think it's a gamma camera?  Any concerns there for a pacemaker implanted patient ? 

my cardio knows I have a PM .... I could assume he knows and wouldn't put me in an update safe situation ? 


nuclear test

by Skeet - 2019-11-27 14:37:40

Hi pacer2019

I have had 2 nuclear stress test since I have had my pacemaker, and have had no problem. Good luck.


Nuclear stress test

by donr - 2019-11-27 20:48:09

I've had three.  Absolutely no problem.


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