Fit Bit Versa 2

Has anyone had a problem with the Fit Bit Versa 2 and their pacemaker.  I saw a warning with it



by AgentX86 - 2019-11-30 11:14:55

There is probably nothing to worry about, though your pacemaker is seven years old. FitBits use BlueTooth and BlueTooth LE (low energy) and usually the latter, unless you tell it otherwise.  BT uses far less power than other communications methods because it's intended for short range at fairly low data rates.  It's unlikely to be a problem but it's something I'd ask my EP about, only because your PM is seven years old.  A recent PM with recent leads wouldn't be any problem, even with the higer power WiFi and 3G/4G transmitters.

The reality is that it's a CYA note from FitBit's lawyers, though later PMs and leads are shielded from RF energy better.  I don't know where the new/old cutoff is.


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