Airport security - not bad at all!

I had my first set of airplane flights post-pacemaker this weekend. I'd read all of the posts on here about the good and the bad things that everyone has experienced when going through security. For what it's worth, mine went completely fine - the staff at both airports were very nice, polite and above all, extremely respectful. If I'm going to be groped in public, I can't imagine it gets much better than that.

The funny part of the story was when I approached the security agent at my departure airport. I was nervous, and I tried to approach the woman in a polite and friendly fashion to ask for a pat-down, while also brandishing all of my travel documents and pacemaker ID cards in as non-threatening a way as I could manage. The lady glanced down at the card, glanced up at me, and said "Oh honey, I don't need to see the card, it's not like people ever WANT to be patted down!" (Ain't that the truth!)

I wish such smooth sailing on all of my fellow traveling pacers!



security checks

by TOGUY - 2007-06-21 03:06:46

Hi Thanks for the post...I will be flying in a couple of weeks...hope it goes as smooth for me..if you don't mind my asking what two airports did you go thru?

Chicago (O'Hare) and Hartford, CT (Bradley)

by sboissonnas - 2007-06-21 04:06:17

Hi Gary,

I knew I'd probably be fine at O'Hare - it's such a huge and busy airport that they must run into pacemaker folks many times a shift. I didn't know what to expect from the Hartford airport, but I'd never been there before. It was bigger than I expected. I wonder what it's like at a really tiny airport where they don't have a lot of people on security staff?

The only other things I'd pass along are that they'll probably ask you if you'd like a private screening (I didn't care about being patted down in public, myself) and at the very end they have you sit down so they can check your feet. (I wasn't wearing socks on either flight, but I asked them about it for next time wondering if I would have to take my socks off. They said no, they just pat down the soles of your feet.)

Happy travels to you!

ID Cards in the u.k.

by lionelaloe - 2007-07-22 06:07:46

Can anyone with an ICD get a proper identification card.I do have a long winded information with all sorts of medical detail and finally through two pages it says i have an ICD.Surely, these manufacturers have come up with a simple card for ICD/Pacemaker people.

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