wireless keyboard & mouse-Microsoft nine-hundred

Greetings from a Newbee... I, of course, have become watchful & wary of other electronic devices I may be around- Heck, I even wrapped Alum-foil around my "Smart-meter"(it's under my bedroom window). So when my son gave me a wire-less computer keyboard, I became a tad concerned...The owners manual says 6 inches but what do they know...? Anyone have any inside poop on that issue?  thanks & Merry Christmas, Electroboy


Enjoy the Wireless Keyboard

by mrag - 2019-12-28 10:54:27

I have two work stations, both with wireless KB and mice and never an issue with my CRT-d. Heck, I now shove my iPhone in my shirt pocket (left) just to tempt fate. The only home appliances I've been leery about using are an induction cooking plate, a TENS pain unit (and add in one of those body mass scales).

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