Keyboard electronic interference

Christmas Greetings from a Newbie..My son gave me a Microsoft 900 wireless keyboard & I'm concerned.... The manual says keep 6" away, but you people are the Pro's...  Anyone have inside poop on thi issue?  Thanks. electroboy



You'll be fine

by crustyg - 2019-12-27 04:47:20

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless keyboards and mice - all fine.

The advice can be filed in the round filing tray under 'What our Lawyers make us say.'  It's nonsense.

Keyboard electronic interference

by Electroboy - 2019-12-27 14:11:53

Thanks a bunch... Have a Safe New Year!

What me, worry?

by Gotrhythm - 2019-12-27 14:30:58

"6 inches" is the rule of thumb for any electronic device. It doesn't mean you cant touch it. Keep it 6 inches from your pacemaker. It's a lawyerly CYA. Imagine the physical contortions necessary to get your pacemaker within 6 inches of your keyboard while still typing.

The fact is there is virtually nothing that will harm your pacemaker. And practically nothing non-medical that can halt it.

There's a gazillion things in this world that it migh be worthwhile to protect yourself from. Accidental electomagnetic interference with your pacemaker isn't one of them.

Lawyer-speak bedamned. Get out there and live your life!

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