E/Fraction rate

Today I had my 6 month check up echocardiogram with my ICD. 6 months ago, I had an efraction rate of 10. I only take carvedilol. I was so excited and happy to see what my rate was now. It was only a 15. Has this happened to anyone else on here? I don't want to cry. But I am an emotional mess. I have to take my meds now three times a day instead of two. 3.125 is the dosage. My hopes were for a higher rate. I need some uplifting, please?




by Tracey_E - 2020-01-03 15:41:28

Did you get an ICD or a CRT-D? Because a regular ICD won't do anything for EF. It's just there to pace if you get too slow or send a jolt if you get dangerously fast. 

I hope the higher dose helps. It's frustrating when we don't get the news we hope for. Do you feel better than you did before?


by Rockpainter - 2020-01-04 12:23:04

I have an ICD. Thank you for responding as you know, not getting the results I wanted really knocked me back. I don't want to fall back into depression again. 

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