Understanding my settings

I have been so grateful for this group and have found many answers here so far. My pacemaker was placed in early December for vasovagal syncope. We are still trying to find the right settings. It seems like my heart rate has been much higher than it used to be. Resting heart rate before was probably mid 60s. Now, simply walking down a hallway at work it will easily jump to 130. In addition, there are times that my heart feels like it is pounding, and sometimes when it is pacing me my chest feels pressure or tightness and it hurts a little to take a breath. That happens a few times a day. I am paced about 50% of the time. I am working with the team to make adjustments, but I don't entirely understand all of the settings, so it's harder for me to contribute. My minimum is set to 50, and I think my max is 160. I know CLS is on and my rate response is set to very high. Can anyone help explain how CLS and rate response work? I am sure it has been explained on here before and I haven't found the right post yet. I appreciate your feedback. 


Understanding my settings - CLS

by IPGENG12 - 2020-01-06 20:53:10


It sounds like you have a Biotronik device with CLS (Like I do).  There are a couple of videos at the bottom of this Biotronik website that give some insight into how CLS works:


The CLS rate response algorithm takes input from both an accelerometer in the device as well as a resistance measurement to provide a more natural rate response.  The algorithm can be set to different levels,  it sounds like yours might be a bit too sensitive so it drives your heart rate up very quickly. Your clinic should try a lower setting.  I had to do a couple of laps around the clinic corridors when I got my settings dialed in and they'd adjust the response setting.  The CLS definitely works better than just an accelerometer based rate response,  at least for me!



by SaraKC - 2020-01-07 22:14:05

Thank you!! Super helpful! 

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