Magnet in Joule Sous vide cooker danger to pacemaker

I purchased a Joule Sous vide for cooking but there was a warning in the instructions about keeping the magnet in it away from pacemakers. How far away? Should I return it. How dangerous is this if I use it in the kitchen while my husband with a pacemaker is there?


Magnet in Joule Sous vide cooker

by IPGENG12 - 2020-01-15 20:53:42

I looked at the ChefSteps web site and they say:

"Joule is equipped with an industrial-grade base magnet, so you can quickly and securely affix it to most magnetic steel pots"

So,  it seems there is a strong magnet on the base of the unit to keep it upright in the pot.  Putting a magnet directly on top of either a pacemaker or an implantable defibrillator will change the behavior of the device in a way that varies by manufacturer.  They all have a magnetic field detection circuit so they can recognize when a programming wand is closeby (i.e. within inches of the device).  With a strong magnet, my Biotronik pacemaker starts beating asynchronously at 90 bpm for 10 beats then goes back to normal programming.

In any event, unless you put your appliance on your husbands chest,  I wouldn't worry about it.  Happy cooking!

Six inches away

by Gotrhythm - 2020-01-16 16:41:44

The rule of thumb is 6 inches.

In other words your husband would have to lie on it for it to affect his pacemaker.

Please be aware:

Even if he did like on it, no damage would be done. His pacemaker would continue to function but in "test" mode. He would only have to move away--only 6 inches--and the pacemaker would return to it's ordinary programming.

Enjoy your new way of cooking. I've seen those jewels advertised and they do look amazing!


by ROBO Pop - 2020-01-18 15:49:10

I've had devices for 14 years now. When I dropped by today and read all the things I can't do and should avoid, I nearly fainted. Why didn't anybody ever tell me? All these years I've violated every rule you guys spell out...should I be worried, am I a dead man walking, is the end near, when can I expect to drop? Enquiring minds and all that crap...guess I'll tempt fate again and play on my cell phone


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