New pacemaker “kicks in”

I had a PM inserted two weeks ago today. I was told there would be a period of adjustment as my body became accustomed to it. I don't feel I received as much information as I needed and was happy to find this site to answer some of my questions as I was experiencing things. By way of information I have a dual chamber Biotronic PM to address Bradychardia as a result of second grade AV heart block. Besides minor intermittent twinges and the flutter of the PM working when my HR goes too low. I have noticed a consistent occurrence of the PM "kicking in" and that flutter for approximately 5-10 seconds, at around the same time of day. It doesn't matter what I am doing; sitting, walking or moving around. I only started noticing this as a daily occurrence when my GP suggested I note time and date of any of the events in preparation for my first "interrogation"  of PM functioning with my Cardiolgist. Is this something that others have experienced? Thank you in advance for any responses. 


PM self-test and diagnostics

by ar_vin - 2020-01-16 23:58:20

Each PM is programmed to self-test and run software diagnostics periodically, usually every 24 hours at a set time. I have a Medtronic PM and it's diagnostics run each night around 1 AM. 

Make sure the time zone on your PM is set correctly - you can call your PM clinic or the vendor customer service line.

When the PM is running self-tests you might feel a weird sensation like you would when the PM is interrogated at the PM clinic.

I don't know much about the PM you have (Biotronik). I'd call the PM clinic and speak with the device tech. They should be able to confirm what I think is going on; if not, please be sure to report back what you learn.


Follow up

by AK2020 - 2020-01-17 20:50:21

Thank you ar_vin, you are absolutely correct. Settings in place for new PM including time of self-test will be adjusted at time of first interrogation. For now it is very helpful and a relief that there is this simple explanation. I have to reiterate what I said in my original note; it is great that this site exists so that all the questions that aren't answered for newbies; right or wrong, can be. I hope that I can pay it forward at some point. 


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