Pacemaker self test

My Biotronik pacemaker has been set to self test at 3:30 am.  In the last year the time has been gradually getting earlier to the point that one month ago it was occurring at 2:30 am.  In the last week, I experienced a light headed feeling each night about 10:30 pm.  I had my annual pacer test last Thursday during which I told the technician of the recent events.  He insisted that the pacemaker was set to test at 3:30 am and that I must be mistaken about what happened.  Last night, I went to bed at 10:30 and felt the pacemaker performing its self test.  No question about it.  That was a 3 hour jump in when the test had been being performed. Has anyone else experienced this?  Is there an explanation?



by Lexitoo - 2020-01-20 13:53:03

My pacemaker is 17 days new and I cannot feel any testing durung the night. What is that like? I am the world's lightest sleeper...and wake alot in the night, so I cannot imagine missing a check.

PM time zone setting

by ar_vin - 2020-01-20 14:20:37

I have a Medtronic PM and what I say applies just to my Medtronic PM model. But it's likely Biotronik and others have similar features/settings.

Medtronic provides a remote monitoring service (at least for my PM model) which also provides access the PM recipient access to an online portal -

When I first got my PM and sent the first couple of remote transmissions, I noticed the time of transmisions was off by a couple of hours. I called my PM clinic and Medtronic but was not given a clear answer.

But when I setup an account on the online portal and checked the "Settings" page, I noticed a time zone setting. It was off by two hours exactly as I observed with the transmissions. I fixed the setting to refelct my local time zone and my transmissions are fine.

I know that the PM itself has a time zone setting which I'm guessing can only be changed at an appointment at the PM device clinic. 

When I was traveling in Europe last May I'd feel the PM self-test at exactly 10 AM local time, corresponding to past midnight in my local time zone. I was puzzled the first day but then got to expect  it every day at 10 AM for the duration of the trip.



Pacemaker self test

by ewalker - 2020-01-20 14:20:46

It is similar to a palpitation or a flutter.

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