I had an interrogation today. I am always very nervous for these yearly appointments due to the way I feel during it. During this particular one, the tech ran my heart rate up. I felt anxious, nervous, palms sweaty. He said, "I'm having trouble getting your heart rate to go back down." Later he told me it was in the 140 range. This lasted about 2 minutes. According to my husband who was present. I was thinking maybe he would call someone who else who might help him. He did not. It finally did come back down. He told me I missed a several beats. I thought I was going to die. I tried to be as calm as possible. Not wanting to compound the problem or make him more nervous. I thought his hands were shaking. I know I was shaking. Anyone else had this problem? What are your thoughts. I had pacemaker implanted 3 years ago due to complete heart block.


annual checkup

by Good Dog - 2020-02-05 17:10:26

I completely understand how you feel. So you are not alone. I have had my PM for 33 years and over that time I have had some good and some really bad Tech.'s. Generally, I don't feel that any have put my life in danger, but a couple of them scared me. I find it very difficult to determine how competent they are, so how they make me feel is most important. I always tell them when they interrogate my PM that I want to know what they are going to do before they do it. I don't mind when they slow my pulse, but I always hate it when they raise it. I just don't like how a fast pulse makes me feel when I am sitting down. 

I feel that the problem you are having is related to the lack of confidence you have in this Tech. The thing is; they have to test your PM. However, the Tech needs to be sensitive to how you are feeling and should try to comfort you, not scare you. Perhaps this one is just not able to do that. Maybe you can ask him next time if he needs to take your HR all the way up to 140. Maybe 120 will do? So, you can try talking to him, ask for different Tech or see your doctor and explain to him what happened. Then ask him what you should do? If you can't get any satisffaction, then maybe consider changing doctors. I don't know anything about your situation, so it is difficut for me to offer you any other suggestions.

In any case, just know that you are not alone, we all go through experiences like yours. I wish you the very best.




by grilor - 2020-02-05 18:17:16

Thank you David, I've had this tech before. While he isn't the most personable guy, it didn't go like this. I guess it was that high because he ran it up that high. He commented that he was trying to see if I was going into a flutter.  I asked if that would be considered an SVT. He said it kind of would. I still feel terrible. I've never felt so drained after an interrogation. Also, I've had this going on 4 years and haven't seen the EP but one time since my surgery. I asked about that. He acted like that seemed odd. I asked if I was supposed to set that up. He told me to schedule an appointment with him when I checked out. Which I did. Wondered how often you all see the EP.


My EP Appointments

by Good Dog - 2020-02-05 19:01:27

I usually see my doc every year or two, but in the past I have gone several years between visits. I can only guess that they feel if you are not having any problems that there is no need for more frequent visits. They do review the data and any notes from the PM check. So if they see a problem they will contact you. At least that is what mine does. I know that, because he had called me when he suspected a problem that might be A-fib. It wasn't. 

My thoughts are that you should ask the doc to tell the Tech not to increase your rate that high in the future. Or maybe just tell the Tech yourself. Whatever you are comfortable with. I'd also give the doc all the details from your experience and be firm about the need for some answers. It could be that what you were feeling was at least in part, the result of stress from that experience.


by grilor - 2020-02-05 19:13:59

So grateful to talk to someone who understands. Thank You



Happens to me too

by Vilpiz - 2020-02-09 01:51:50

Hello.This happens to me two. I hate it when they run the rate up it makes me feel terrible instantly. It usually ruins me for the rest of the day and I've been starting to have episodes of afib in the days following my interrogation s. I noticed that the last 3 times i went in for the interrogations.

got over it eventually

by dwelch - 2020-02-09 04:02:00

im 32 years or so now with pacemakers, it took me over 20 years of getting upset and frustrated each time.  but something changed and I dont get worked up about it.  the tests are the same run you up, drop you off feels like an elephant is on your chest, sometimes the slow before the fast.

the cant get it back down is a bit strange and i would say something to your doc if it happens again.  when they let you see the screen and of course there are a couple/three major brands and types of boxes, but the test button they hold and when they release it it should go right back, it shouldnt be a case of they change a setting, then go back in and change it back.  so perhaps operator error or the box messed up.  I would assume even if the thing sitting over your device were to move and disconnect it would not continue the test.  So from a technical perspective this getting stuck seems strange.

After all these interrogations I still feel like they didnt put it back the way it was when I came in but a lot of that is anxiety, how are those tests going to feel this time, is this tech nice enough to warn me or just bam hit me with it. the anger or not at doing it without a warning, etc...

As soon as they get a good tech you like for years, that person moves on or whatever and you get a different one...





worked up

by grilor - 2020-02-09 19:36:30

I would love to not get worked up.  But I can't wait to ask the doctor about this one. I'll need a nerve pill before I do this again next year. I'm not someone who takes nerve medicine. But it scared me terribly.


by Wm - 2020-02-22 08:59:50

Be sure to tell the technician if you are sedated. I'd call ahead of time and ask if sedation is an issue.

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