Hi I don't know if this is the right forum for me. I do not have a pacemaker but my 46 yr old husband had one implanted almost 3 weeks ago and life has gotten worse not better.
He had the PM put in after a car accident indicated that his heart was pausing. We were told that shortly he would be better than ever. He was a healthy man, walks 8 miles a day, doesn't drink, smoke, or eat poorly. He should have bounced back quickly from the procedure??? His dr. wants another blood test in 3 weeks but that is crazy. He is exhausted, dizzy, weak. He can't drive, when he tried he almost past out. Please help, advise, this can't be normal.



by SMITTY - 2007-04-18 01:04:35

Yes you have come to the right palce. I wish I could back that up by offering some specific help for your husband. I do agree that he should have bounced back better than he has and I think seeing another doctor is in order.

I wish him the best.



by Christmmpace - 2007-04-18 03:04:13

I also have a 4.9 pauses heart. And this happens during the day while I'm active. I have my pacemaker on stand-by. When the heart decides to stop my PM start to rock. I love the fact that I have this 911 device in me and It wasn't an easy thing to except. I've know had this PM for about six years now and it does its job. It's not easy going through all the changes especially by yourself. Thank your wife for being so compassionate about your feelings with this conditions. My hat goes off to you Ms. Worriedwife.

I can really feel your anxiety level has brought you to a level of concern, rightfully so, I might add. I hope and pray there's nothing seriously wrong with him. The best thing to do is comfort him and allow his mind to relax on positive things. Make sure that his doctor give you a read out of what's going on with the pacemaker and how it's functioning. You must asked questions that are truly on your mind and the best way to do this is by reading your concern down on paper. You might want to see another doctor for further testing or second opinions.

I've gone to hospital after hospital and I was dying in front of them. I was not about to take a NO from anyone. I know sometimes doctors can seem a little up tight, they really don't want to put you on a medicine that could harm you. They have to wait on the testes to rule out any serious complication. Try and focused on the good things until your test come back. After you've heard the results and you don't like it, you may want to seek another doctor. I hope you both the best and your are an awesome wife that's fighting for her husband. I really admire your love and wonderful heart. Take care and God bless you both. Many prayers for you tonight.


I have MED too

by queen_beez - 2007-04-18 03:04:56

Welcome. I won't repeat all the above welcomes except to say "ditto" to most comments.I ,too, have a dual Med. pm. And in the begining I was have alot of trouble. Then to top it off I was scared and frustrated, feeling that this should have helped me instantly. I think most of us feel this way because most doctors make it seem as though it is a simple procedure and we will heal up quickly. Yes, some do .But from the writings on here and my own experience it isn't always that quick or easy. I got my pm 1/16 , I am 43yrs old female. I had other health issues that I have overcome and was active. Then the heart problems caused alot of the usual things you will read on this site. In the begining I thought within days I would be back to work ,cleaning, cooking and working out.Nope. It didn't happen.And at my age it was very frustrating feeling like I was 99 not in my prime. LOL. The thing is , I am getting better. I am driving, which I could not do for about 7 weeks, as I was dizzy and weak. Anxiety plays into it all too. I am lifting boxes and doing some walking. But look it has been 3 months not 3 weeks. At 3 weeks he is still in the early stages of recovery. My doc told me that on the outside we may see we are recovering but there is much more going on on the inside, and it takes alot longer for that to happen.Remeber sometimes one may catch the flu and 3 weeks later one is still fighting the symptoms though they may be feeling a little better than the first few days. That is merely the flu, this is a heart procedure. Though not over the top it is a surgery of sorts.Our bodies all react differently to stresses.Tell your husband that there are not many pacers out there that haven't gone through some of the thingds he is. We all have empathy for him and sympathy for you. It takes so much out of our loved ones because they always want to "fix it" and you can't. Deal with those issues together. Talk openly. Listen, though you may not have answers. And do as you have always done, love him unconditionally. He will get better and when it happens he will turn to you and say thanks for putting up with me when I was a pain in the b**t. haha.
If you need ANYTHING you can private message me and I will be happy to help in anyway I can. Please take a little time for yourself too. Without you taking care of you , you will not be able to maintain the patience and understandnig it may take to get through the amount of time ,(which really is unknown ) that your husband may need to get back to his old ,but better self.
God bless,
P.S. sorry for the length of the post!


by worriedwife - 2007-04-18 09:04:17

Thank you,
I am glad that your pacemaker is doing it's job. I am just concerned that my husband's is not working right. It is working 91% of the time and his own heart is only working 9%. His pauses weren't that often before the pacemaker. I am glad you suggested we get a read out, maybe it will provide more answers. I guess I am frustrated because I didn't really have a negative feeling about pacemakers. I expected it to be a cure all for a condition we only learned about after one passout which caused the accident. He hasn't had a series of episodes( at least that we knew about) Could it just be wrong settings. He has a medtronic dual chamber. They have turned off one of the leads but no change. It is heart breaking to see a strong active man become so weak and frustrated.
Thanks for your prayers, God bless, stay well and keep the prayers coming, we need them.

Second opinion

by Suze - 2007-04-18 10:04:22

First let me welcome you. You have come to the right place.
It must be terrible to watch your husband go through this. He is blessed to have you in his life.
I also would INSIST on a second opinion. Perhaps a cardiologist/pacemaker specialist not connected to his original one. Something isn't right here.

I pray things get better for you both.

God Bless,

If I understand this right...

by ela-girl - 2007-04-18 10:04:36

Your husband had a dual chamber pm put in after he passed out while driving (thus causing the accident)?
If I am reading that correctly, I just want to say that I, too, was diagnosed with syncope. I would get my funny feelings ALL the time while driving. If you have specific questions for me about syncope or how my pm helped me etc., please feel free to private message me!

Hope your husband will be pacing better soon,


by randrews - 2007-04-18 11:04:05

I'm sorry for all the anxiety your going through. This pm stuff is tough at times. I got my pm under similar circumstances. I'm 47, was running alot and passed out during a period of inactivity. I've had it for 4 weeks now. The recovery has been much much slower than I was told, or that I anticipated. Physically things have gotten better but also the mental and emotional sides need to be dealt with. At first I had lots of dizziness and twitches and all I wanted to do was sleep. How is your husband doing emotionally with all this? I didn't drive for over 2 weeks and I have slowly begun going back to work. It's different for all of us.
Please keep talking and pursuing the physical and emotional side of the healing.this site is awesome. My poor wife also went/is going through some of the same things your describing.
Take care and God bless you both,

Traffic accident

by Surferman - 2007-04-19 12:04:12

I've read all the previous pacers and agree with them. The one thing nobody mention was the possiblility of post traumatic streess/depression. Having the traffic accident, having a PM rather quickly implanted and then recovery can be depressing. I think I'd have an aversion to driving after having an accident leading to such conclusion - a PM. It just a thought.
I wish you husband and you the best and hope things
improve. Surferman

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