Pacemaker replacement problems

Had my first Medtronic 2-lead pacemaker implanted on my birthday (lucky me) in 2009, and had it replaced the day before Thanksgiving in 2019.  Instead of the old style transmittal device, I was issued the new Medtronic wireless Home Communicator.  I have experienced problems with breathing and sleeping since the new pacemaker was implanted.  Yesterday, I unplugged the thing and have felt better since then.  Tomorrow (Monday) I'll talk with my doctor over the phone to try to reach some resolution to this problem.  Has anyone else had a similar experience?  Since the pacemaker implantation I have had 2 visits with my cardiologist and he says the pacemaker is working perfectly.  I feel better when I am outside and/or away from my house (and the Communicator).


Medtronic communicator

by Good Dog - 2020-02-24 15:55:34

I can't really help you except to say that I have the older Medtronic transmitter (MyCareLink) that I plug-in and send the data on a date they assign to me. I have read about a lot of different interrogator/communicators from various PM manufacturers that cause patients to feel funny and/or wake them when transmitting the data.Lots of different issues, but nothing really serious. It is just my opinion, but I do not want something to be automatically monitoring me. Perhaps I am a control freak, but I will be happy to send the data whenever they want or need it, thank you. I have had my PM for 33 years and had a couple different kinds of remote monitors that have worked just fine. If you have problems related to your communicator, just remember that you are in charge. Ask them for the plug-in model that you hold over you PM. Screw that continous monitoring stuff. It is your choice.


by pappy0321 - 2020-02-24 17:31:43

Agree, Good Dog.  I've had two of the old style where I transmit on a certain date.  This is the new style that cAn interrogate your pacemakeR constantly, and you have to do nothing because it transmits when your doctor wants the information.I've had the think unplugged for 2 days now and feel much better.  Talked to my cardiologist this AM and I'll see him on 06 March.

Medtronic Communicator

by Seo - 2020-03-02 03:37:04

This is interesting. I got my first device in November (2019) and they sent me home with the continuous monitor. It's about three feet away from my bed. I've not noticed any "effects", but I posted a while ago that my Kardia Mobile 6L often can't take a readable EKG due to interference. You've gotten me wondering if the monitor is interfering with the EKG. It's not the only source, as it often has problems when out of range of the monitor, but it might be a source. At my first checkup they told me that, yes, the monitor and pacer were communicating properly. I have my first remote checkup on April 6. At my in person checks I've been told that all is well and that if there had been a problem, it would have notified them. So, I guess so far, so good.  I've had problems sleeping since befote I got my device, and that hasn't improved, so I can't provide input in whether it's affected me that way, but  I'll pay closer attention to see if I notice anything when I'm in range of the monitor. Thanks. 


by yeshua - 2020-04-25 13:05:50

I have a Boston Scientific PM and have no issue at all. I did let the Doctor know that during the day i would have a weird feeling and my heart would not feel right? Well it turned out that they can be programmed to self interrogate themselves to make sure everything is okay...self testing. They turned it off, and that was the fix? I highly doubt that the wireless communicator is affecting you!

Medtronic monitor

by Victoria99 - 2020-10-20 19:32:44

I thought it was just me. I have always been sensitive to electronics so I try to keep high tech stuff away from me. But I noticed the same thing. when I got my PM in July 2018, hooked up the device fresh out of the box, and within days I noticed that my sleeping was irratic and feeling crappy. It would wake me up at night with its lite screen and just making me feel weird when I was near "the box". After weeks of this, I unplugged it. I slept great and didn't have nearly as many episodes/issues as I was having with it on. I didn't do anything about it for a month or so, then I got a call that "my device can't transmit, please check the plug and device and then do a manual transmission."   After the transmission, I put the device in a drawer by the night stand. It seems to be working ok from there. The company gets their transmissions and the device doesn't bother me as much.

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