Pacing and pain


I had to get a pacemaker in October 2019. My electrical system was nicked, when a new aortic valve was replaced, which led me to get the pacemaker. 
Every day, I feel the "kick" in the middle of my chest, right between my breasts. It's a very quick, sometimes a little sharp, pain. It is usually one kick, maybe two, hours apart. 
Yesterday, they started more often and a little more sharp. It feels like what I would imagine a baby kicking inside might feel like, but still different (unless baby kicks feel like this.) 
Have any of you had this and then have it start kicking more often? In January, I saw the pacemaker check guy for the first time, and he thought it was a scheduled check of the pacemaker daily, and he turned that off. But it happened again shortly thereafter. 
The cardiologist nor the pacemaker check guy said they have heard of this, but it sure seems it's happening to more people than me. 
Anyone have it go away? Have you figured out why it might be happening? Any enlightenment would be appreciated. 




Kick in the heart

by Good Dog - 2020-02-26 21:40:15

The only thing that I can think of relative to your description is when I have had palpatations (PVC's). When I have experienced "Premature Ventricle Contractions" (palpatations) in the past, there have been times when it feels like my heart is gonna jump out of my chest. It is kinda like a kick. Not pleasant at all, but they always subside and my doctor advised that they aren't a big deal as long as they don't persist for a long period of time. They have occurred when I drank too much coffee or was really stressed.

Not sure if that is what you experienced, but it is possible. Especially if you are anxious about your PM and heart.

Kick in the Heart

by Onmy6th - 2020-03-02 03:46:35

Get thee to a doctor; your cardiologist, more importantly the staff that cares for your pacemaker. NOW.  :Pacemakers don't move; they don't kick.  They don't cause pain other than site pain as the tissues heal or, nerve damage and scar tissue.  You need to make sure there is not a lead failure. Energy escaping.  This problem is beyond the patients on this forum.

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