Ok, here is a semi-dumb question. How long after your PM is implanted is it supposed to be check? I not talking about the surgical site, but the PM itself? I thought 8 weeks, before the magic wand gets hung around my neck again? I have a Medtronic Adapta. Help????



by 220 chandler ave - 2007-06-12 01:06:45

I had a Medtronic implanted on 5-24-07. I was given a PDT CarryAll tramsmitter that i will use once a weeak for a couple of months and then the time will be reduced as time goes on. I call the Heart Group na apply wrist electrodes, dial the Heart Group, listen to instructions and the PM is checked over the phone. The nurse then lets me know if the PM is working okay. The Heart Group sends me notification of the dates and times to check the PM. Hope this helps you some.

PM Checkups

by SMITTY - 2007-06-12 02:06:15

I don't think your question is dumb or semi-dumb. It is just one of the many that those of us that have a pacemaker will have from time to time.. I've had my PM for 7 years and hardly a week goes by that I don't wonder about something that I think it is or is not doing. And that is what makes this site so great. No question is dumb and there is a good possibility that someone out there will have an answer.

I had my first checkup after three weeks and it was in the office. Thereafter I have alternated between an in-office checkup and a phone checkup every three months.

Below is some information Medtronic put out regarding pacemaker checkups.

"Your doctor will decide how often you should come into the office. Generally, if telephone monitoring is used, a comprehensive office pacemaker check is usually done once a year for patients with single chamber pacemakers, and twice a year for patients with dual chamber pacemakers. This thorough office visit provides a more detailed analysis of your pacemaker’s operation. The testing uses a piece of equipment called a programmer. The programmer wand is held over the skin of the pacemaker site. The programmer then receives information from the pacemaker. A comprehensive in-office pacemaker check usually lasts about an hour or less."


No dumb questions

by gaby - 2007-06-12 05:06:15

I have had my Medtronic PM for nearly 4 years now. Mine was checked 2 days after implant and then again in 6 weeks.

My dad just had one put in on March 20/07 and his was checked about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks after implant.


by TOGUY - 2007-06-12 07:06:05

FYI, I had my medtronic adapta implanted Apr 24/07.
six weeks later it was checked by the teck , EP and a rep from Medtronic. My next visit is scheduled for the end of October. I would get back to the doctor and find out when the PM is to be checked...its time .
Let us know how it checks out.

I too,

by queen_beez - 2007-06-13 12:06:42

have a Med. Adapta. I was checked in hospital right before release then I was checked in 6 weeks .Now the routine visits are every 3 months. Not sure what your health issies are but I had bradycardia and I do not take anything for my heart and have no other heart related issues. My other issues are monthly. Hope that helps but again everyone is different so don't feel stupid call the doc and ask what the routine will be.I was not given the option of telephone checkups but my grandmother , who also haas a PM gets a monthly check by phone.
Godd luck,

medtronic Adapta DR

by peacemaker - 2007-06-14 02:06:54

Is what I have as well, since Oct.16.06. I never had my pacer checked until April.07. Bradycardia and have taken self off of meds and feel way better.



by Syrano - 2007-06-15 04:06:31

To us, this has surely been one right confusing issue as I am having symptons similar to those I had prior to implantation. Breathing issues and hard dizzy spells being the worst. Luckily, I will be seeing a cardio MD next week. A different set of folks from those who worked on the implant. So....hopefully....

Thanks for all the responses.

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