Possible interference?

Doe anyone have any knowledge of the Portal device (Facebook technology) and its effect on ICDs? Just received the Portal for making great video calls ( and a fantastic picture display frame) which projects all my photos but in the  Notifications, privacy, etc., which I always read, it's stated that it may interfere with some implanted devices such as pacemakers.. Apparently there is a magnet to the component, which looks just like a picture frame, and it uses Wi-Fi to send and receive. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? It's not like I'm going to be hugging it next to my pacemaker or anything.

I have also NOT activated the Alexa feature that is part of it.

Thank you and Happy Easter everyone!


it's fine

by Tracey_E - 2020-04-11 11:12:39

If something is questionable, keep it more than 6" from your device. But odds are that was written by a lawyer, not a doctor, so it's perfectly safe even if you do get the urge to hug it. 

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