ICD implant under the muscle

I'm new here and just wondered if anyone has had their defibrillator implanted under the muscle? I just had one put in on the 13th of April and was told by my Dr. he had to go over 1"+ under the muscle to put mine in. The thing that is upsetting me now is that I can see the lump still. I would think being that far under the muscle it wouldn't show. I can also feel the hard box when I barely press on the area (I can even feel the edges of it). Is it possible he put it over the muscle and just told me he went under?? It doesn't show like a box where you can completely see the outline like you see on most people, but it does show a bit, especially when looked at from an angle. I'm 33 years old and am still in the stage where I'm still concerned about the appearance of it. I am thinking maybe it needs time for the swelling to go all the way down but it seems to be showing more as the swelling goes down.
The whole thing is just upsetting me since they aren't 100% sure I passed out b/c of the results from the EP study, they just told me I should get it as a safety net. Anyway, any info you guys have with under the muscle implants would be really helpful. Thanks!



by dettiger2003 - 2007-04-25 05:04:54

My pacemaker is too under the musle and you can still see a little lump I think that after awhile it will go down a little I still can see mine and I can also touch the edges of it...


by ferretgirl22 - 2007-04-26 03:04:55

i had mine placed under my pectoral muscle b/c i was afraid I would look weird and i did not want to weird out my kids.It has been almost two months and yet I can still see the edges of it also. Luckily for me i can hide it I keep being told it will look better soon but i guess I have given up and am trying to cope with the apperance i am only 26 so I know how important looks are. Good luck the swelling did go down quite a bit from when I first got it though so hopefully it will for you.


by Surferman - 2007-04-26 12:04:35

I've had my PM for six weeks. My arm and shoulder and chest were really swollen. It didn't start to go down noticeably until the end of the fourth week; then it seems to decrease a little more each day and with each day I gained greater arm movement. Be patient. I know how you feel never having passed out only dizzy. It was the same with me but my pulse had dropped to the 38-41 bpm. What made it doubly hard was that I had all my blood work done for my annual physical and ever test fell in the "normal" range with total cholesterol at 167. But for a good month before, my pulse had been dropping from 80 bpm to 40!!! Very hard to take after the lab tech. handing my my blood work report said: "you are really healthy!!!" I understand what you're going through but in my case, I know I won't suffer sudd. cardiar arrest

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