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Hi again. I was wondering what people's experiences have been in regards to the healing of their scar from the implant. This is the only surgery I've ever had and I wondered how long it has taken the redness of the scar for others to return to a more skin type color. I've been using Mederma on mine but it's only been 6 weeks since my surgery. I'm guessing it takes a long time for the red line to turn more skin color but I thought I'd ask and see what others experienced. Thanks!


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by jellybean - 2007-05-27 04:05:25

Hi Kyle,

Everyone is different, I'm sure there are many people who heal quickly and their scar lightens gradually after about 4-6 months to a more natural skin colour.

I had my implant in Jan 2006 and of course it is lighter than the red line that was there, but it is still a fairly noticeable pink colour.

I also used Mederma and some scar solution patches but I didn't find it made a difference. I think it depends on your skin. I have sensitive skin and scar easily so this was not a surprise to me.

Good luck and be well.



by CathrynB - 2007-05-27 08:05:36

Hi Kyle,
Jellybean has given you a good response and I'll only add a little. I got my PM 1-24-07 so am a little farther along than you. I had a bad experience with my scar and developed a keloid (google it if you want more info on keloids). That lead me to see a dermatologist and learn more about scars than I really wanted to know. The healing of scars depends on many factors including your age, race, skin thickness or thinness, whether it is subjected to stretching (if your skin is quite tight at the scar), and whether it's exposed to sun. My dermatologist said ANY exposure to sun during the first 6 months would leave it permanently darker than it would be otherwise. Even spf 70 sunscreen cannot prevent such darkening of the scar from sun. I was told vitamin E oil is the best thing to use on a scar. Good luck with yours and I hope it heals quickly! Take care, Cathryn


by hooimom - 2007-05-28 10:05:18

Hi Kyle,

I got my PM 10 months ago. My scar was pretty dark then but has lightened up a lot. Even the area with the keloid has improved. Like Cathryn says, stay out of the sun. It will darken a scar. It should get better with time.

At 6 weeks my PM and my scar were a constant thought in my mind. After living with my PM and my scar for a while, I have learned to appreciate it. It reminds me of how tough I am.


Scar color

by ela-girl - 2007-05-30 12:05:00

To go along with Cathryn...My doctor, too, told me that vitamin E is the best thing you can put on your scar but that you should wait 2 months post surgery to start putting anything on the scar itself (to avoid possible risk of infection).

I am almost 8 months post-op and my scar is quite short in length and much more a skin color although there is still some pink coloring that I'm sure will stick around.

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