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Has anyone had an implant made by the Sorin Group company? I've been researching what the smallest ICD's are (unfortunately I wasn't able to do this in the hospital before they pressured me to get mine) and I found that the Ovatio DR model made by this Italian company has a significantly smaller ICD than made by Medtronic, St. Jude or anyone else for that matter. I'm pretty upset with my surgeon right now since I told him I wanted the absolute smallest one possible for cosmetic reasons. I guess there is nothing I can do now.
Once you get the implant I'm guessing insurance won't cover a new implant unless there is something wrong with it or the battery is getting low right?


You got that right!

by auntiesamm - 2007-05-28 04:05:11

Hi Kyle, You got it right - the insurance will NOT cover another implantation just because you did not get the smallest available ICD implanted. Hospitals generally stock a certain brand or type of device that is most widely used by the EPs and cardiologists on staff. They may stock 2 or 3 brands or just one brand. It all depends on pricing, etc.. How much smaller do you really think the Ovatio is compared to what you have? Will it make a significant difference? What is the track record of Sorin Groups devices? You might find, if you check them out, that they have a history of recalls or other problems just like some of the US companies do. Just because it is a bit smaller does not mean it will necessarily be the best device for you. I suppose if it is really important to you the physician would be willing to change it out if you paid for everything cash up front. On the otherhand, probably not as there are utilization review committees in the hospital that would strongly question why the doc would place a patient at possible risk who already has a new, perfectly good, functioning device. Maybe you need to give more thought to your quest for a smaller device and be grateful you are presently equipped with technology to protect your life. I wish you well and sincerely hope you can accept things as they are and get on with your life. God bless you.

Familiar Companies

by hooimom - 2007-05-28 05:05:32

Hi Kyle,

I would guess most doctors want to use a company they are familiar with. As we all know, that doesn't guarantee there won't be problems, but at least the doctors are comfortable with them. Try not to be too upset--most doctors are doing what they believe is best for their patient.



by ela-girl - 2007-05-28 09:05:08

I have an ELA pm made by the Sorin Group. I've been VERY happy with the performance of my device--but that's just me and my experience etc. After my surgery (I had my pm implanted via emergency surgery, so I learned all about pm after the fact...) a rep for the company came in and did a check etc. Well, he showed me a model of my device that he carries with him--it was cool to see what exactly is in my chest! And it is pretty small and flat...amazing!

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