Since we found out that using a bodyfat tester was not recommended for ICD patients I was wondering if the same applies to touch-screen monitors. I know that they use some kind of electric current to calculate where your finger is pressing on the screen. With things like the iPhone coming out and other entertainment devices like touch-screen games you see at bars etc. I wonder if there is a risk of unnecessary shock from using touch screens. Hmmmm....


Something else to think about

by hooimom - 2007-06-19 04:06:36

Okay, I read the weather post first and had never even thought of lightning being a bigger problem with a PM and now touchscreens. I have never thought of that either. I guess I should be a little more careful and put a little more thought into what I do.

How are you doing Kyle?


Not sure

by kyle0816 - 2007-06-19 06:06:39

I'm doing ok thanks :-).
I just posted this because I have no clue if the touch screen would be a problem or not. I was just wondering if anyone had heard about it being a problem before. For all I know it's perfectly safe.

Should be no issues

by Syrano - 2007-06-19 07:06:40

A "touchscreen" sits physically in front of the actual "monitor", even if it is built-in. It is simply a translucent form of a touch pad that many laptops use. Very similiar technology. In 17 years of IT work, i`ve never heard of any electical discharge or interference from touch screen monitors. Again, if you have issues using such technology, back away from it. I`d kinda doubt many would.
I`ve been using both a palm pilot and a tablet PC without any issues. I`ve also been exposed to touch screen systems used for industrial networking systems. Still without incident. One thing to remember, touchscreen technology is almost as old as PC technology. I think we all would have heard by now, if there were any issues to such devices.
iPhone issues may be similiar to those reported with iPods....the jury is still out on both.


by ela-girl - 2007-06-20 01:06:43

I am a teacher who uses Smartboard technology. If you are unaware of smartboards because you were in school before the technology was available, it's like a giant, electronic whiteboard that is hooked up to a computer and your lessons are projected onto this board. You can do interactive lessons on them--it's a giant "touch board" that you can write on or move things around etc. Like instead of double-clicking or moving things with a mouse on your computer, you use your fingers and tap. I never had any problem using this every day, 8 hours a day with my pacer. Although, I would be curious as to what an expert says about them "technically" for pm users.

Happy pacing!

This may interest you.

by Peter.Nash - 2007-06-20 09:06:39

Hi Kyle.
I have an ICD and my heart is not in good shape at all.
Our national health service at the moment is trialing a home health monitor system which daily sends all my vitals. to the relavent people hospital and the ambulance is like a computer and has a touch screen to enter all the info on........ so I would not think a touch screen would be a problem in anyway...I would think it has been looked into pretty well from every angle....... hope this helps Peter...

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