1.5 years out from implant and seemingly tired

I'm 38 and had a dual lead implant put in about 1.5 years ago. Had bradycardia and was having some dizzy episodes. thankfully now I never drop below 50 bpm (always had a low heart rate as long as I can recall and fairly active). 

Lately, I've been more in tune with the fact that I seem tired more ofthen than I'd expect. No settings have been changed. I keep an eye on my apple watch and consistently running in low 50s when inactive. I have also noticed that I seem to be dizzy definitely more times than not when I stand up from being crouched over or down on the ground. (previously I was filling dizzy for no rhyme or reason like while sitting at desk). I'm still exercising and running a considerable amount, but I've maintained being pretty active. 

Any thoughts / feedback from anyone before I schedule a routine follow up appt with my cardiologist (and possibly EP)? 



fatigue and dizziness

by Tracey_E - 2020-05-27 08:57:28

It could be that 50 worked before for you but now it needs to be higher. It could be blood pressure. Or it could be something else. Write down day/time you feel bad, sometimes they can see what the pacer was doing at that time. 

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